Hot Tub Hire Terms

Hot Tub Hire Terms and Conditions

(NB., the terms ‘hot tub’ and ‘spa’ should be considered interchangeable and either may be used to identify the equipment hired from Somerset Hot Tub Hire to be used as a hot tub or a spa pool. These terms and conditions of use apply to the hire of any and all equipment supplied as part of the hire package).

When you book a hot tub from Somerset Hot Tub Hire, you agree to be bound by the rules set out below –

Your Responsibility – When Hiring the Hot Tub, You must be on site to assist us when taking delivery. You must provide us with safe access and clear instructions. We will not accept any responsibility for any damage or injury caused. You must provide working electric & water supply close to the set-up area, within 6 metres, and drainage nearby. We will need a relatively flat area to set up on. You will become responsible for the hot tub after joint inspection and the Terms & Conditions have been signed.

The hirer agrees to release Somerset Hot Tub Hire and its representatives from any and all liabilities incurred through the use of the hot tub.

Accidents & Injury – The hirer accepts and agrees to take full responsibility for the use and users of the hot tub at all times. Somerset Hot Tub Hire will not be liable for accidents, injuries or death. Somerset Hot Tub Hire will not be liable for any accidents relating to the use of our hot hubs, such as wet surfaces causing slip hazards, running, or jumping in and around the spa. Somerset Hot Tub Hire prohibits the use of glass items within the hot tub and will not take responsibility for injury caused by glass breakages within or around the spa area.

CHILDREN UNDER THE AGE OF 16 MUST BE SUPERVISED AT ALL TIMES – Pregnant ladies must seek medical advice before using a spa. Do not use any electrical items within five feet of the hot tub including telephone.

Health & Safety – Please enter the spa with safety in mind at all times, checking the temperature first. Do not jump in or out or dive into the hot tub. Never enter the hot tub with sharp objects. Never use glass or any other breakable items within or near the hot tub.

Always wear the correct attire when entering the hot tub such as a bathing costume or any swimwear. Never wear shoes or heels as this could cause injury and damage to the spa. The hirer accepts responsibility for all who use the hot tub that they are in sound medical health. If in doubt, please seek medical advice.

The hirer takes responsibility that users are not impaired by alcohol or drugs. The hirer takes responsibility that users are clean when using the hot tub. The hirer takes responsibility for making sure the hot tub cover is secured back on the tub when not in use. This will not only stop the spa losing heat but will keep the hot tub secure from accidents when not in use.

The water in the hot tub may be at temperatures more than 37.5 degrees centigrade, you should not spend more than fifteen minutes in the hot tub. Pregnant women and persons with heart disease, circulatory problems, diabetes, low or high blood pressure should consult a doctor before using the hot tub.

You are liable for this hot tub and hot tub cover whilst in your hire and for any loss or damage. If in any doubt, we recommend that you contact your household insurance company to inform them of this hire and ask them to provide cover.

General Use – Upkeep & Chemicals – Never switch the power off. If the power gets accidentally turned off or a power failure occurs please turn it back on in the same way in which you were shown in your demonstration. We will bring you enough chemicals for the duration of your hire, you must use them to keep the spa hygienic. It’s really important that everyone is clean when entering the spa. All traces of dirt grease, make up, moisturisers & creams must be removed before using the spa. When it’s filled with clean water we all want it to stay as clean as possible for both hygiene and to avoid unnecessary wear on the pump and spa.

We are also sorry to say but if you use a fake tan you cannot use the spa as it will cause lasting discolouration of the spa and result in a damages charge. If we find the spa unreasonably dirty on collection a fee of £25 will be charged. DO NOT USE bubble bath or soaps, washing up liquid or any other chemicals within the spa. This also means products such a silly string, glitter, body paints etc These chemicals or foreign objects will ruin the pump. If this occurs it will be classed as gross misuse and we will be looking to reclaim the costs. If we have to come out to the hot tub whilst on hire to rectify a fault and the fault is found to be down to misuse there will be a £50.00 call out charge.

The hot tub will maintain temperature by itself; although during periods of heavy use or when the cover is removed for an extended period there will be a fall in temperature. Staying out of the hot tub and replacing the cover will allow the water temperature to rise to the desired level. To change water temperature simply use the temperature controls as shown.

We supply two sizes of hot tubs, designed either for 4 or 6 people. Overloading the hot tub can cause damage for which you will be liable. When using the hot tub, remove the cover and store it carefully. Enter water carefully – NO JUMPING – and make sure the water in the ho tub is not too hot (check the temperature and test the water is a safe temperature BEFORE entry). Over filling the hot tub will cause it to overflow. Each person entering the hot tub will raise the water level by 5-7cm. When the bubbles/jets are activated the water level again rises by a similar amount. When not using hot tub always replace the cover to retain heat. Always leave the hot tub plugged in and switched on in order for the filtration/heating systems to work.

It is essential that everyone using the hot tub, showers before use and no foreign bodies e.g., grass, earth, sand, stones or sharp objects are introduced into the water. The hot tub will perform better if kept clean, and will therefore be more enjoyable to use.

Damages to your Property – Somerset Hot Tub Hire will not be held responsible for any damages to your property through the entire hire period. This includes weight or water damage to any or all structures, fixings & fittings, garden or grass areas. It is your responsibility to make sure that the space provided is fit for purpose.

Liability – On agreeing a delivery / collection time – On the given date we will not be held responsible or liable for any delays that are out of our control. If a hot tub stops working you must notify us immediately so we can be given the opportunity to identify the problem and resolve it. We will not be held responsible for damage to persons or property.

Lost, Stolen, Damaged Or Unclean Hot Tub – It is you the hirer who responsible for returning the spa in the same condition in which you received it. You will be held responsible for a lost, stolen or damaged spa whether it’s minor damage or damaged beyond economical repair. If you do not willingly pay the costs we will pursue you through the courts.

Our Right of Access – The hirer gives Somerset Hot Tub Hire the right to enter the premises or land where the hot tub is to be installed on the agreed date and again on the day of the collection.

Other – If any of the terms in the above contract are not acceptable, or are contravened in any way, Somerset Hot Tub Hire reserves the right to withdraw service and the hot tub or any other equipment hired, will not be supplied or will be removed if already in place.


By booking and / or taking delivery of one of our hot tubs, the hirer agree to release Somerset Hot Tub Hire or any of its employees from any and all liability. On hiring and taking delivery of any hire equipment from Somerset Hot Tub Hire, the hirer agrees to and accepts to be bound by all of the terms and conditions and acknowledges that the use of the hot tub is entirely at the hirer’s own risk.


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